Magnus Agugu is an extraordinary African healer, who combines massage with truthful conversation.

A treatment with Magnus will leave you nourished, nurtured, re-vitalised and back in touch with the joy of life, a peaceful heart and an optimistic outlook.

For generations Magnus’s ancestors in Nigeria have stayed healthy, peaceful and youthful by harnessing the healing qualities that emanate from within. His family, the Izon tribe, have been healers for 500 years.

Magnus' full name is Magnus Woyingi-Kuro Agugu, which means 'Great Gods Power that Dominates'.


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My Services



This range of massages invigorate, relax and relieve the body.
Magnus’ Million Finger Technique brings life to areas of the body that have been neglected, where stress has been allowed to manifest into pain.

Event Entertainer

Event Entertainer

Magnus works as a healer, entertainer and head massues at many events across the world

Teaching & Coaching

Teaching & Coaching

Magnus can help teach and coach you and a team to a happier way of life

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Ten years ago today, I had a visitation from my Great grandmother Erabau who told me to become.

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Most people do not appreciate the healing power of touch and think they can remain healthy and sane.

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Customer Testimonials

A healer with a BIG heart…

Magnus the entertainer gives big heart hugs

Magnus The Masseur gets to the heart of physical, emotional or mental pain through the power of touch

Magnus at an event creates heartfelt connections, drawing people out and bringing people together.

Magnus get’s to the heart of the issue with truthful conversation

Magnus’ heart makes all the difference