Magnus Wedding suit

Ten years ago today, I had a visitation from my Great grandmother Erabau who told me to become a healer.

At the time I was living in the remote Kent village of Ticehurst, having recently got married. My MLM business had ended and I hadn’t earned for THREE months and I was desperate.

We rented the top floor of a mansion set on 40 acres of land with an outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts, crochet lawn, herb garden, woods and views across the landscape with nothing man made just a gorgeous vista.

Being a Londoner I had no skills to earn in the country side so went to Tunbridge Wells to an agency where I was offered two jobs, a refuse collector or a road sweeper. They both started at 6.30am but the first bus arrived in Ticehurst at 6.30 so I had to decline their offer.

I returned home dejected and said to Cathy that I wanted to sleep in the spare room that night, so I could talk to God. I smoked a spliff out of the window and shouted to God “Why the FUCK am I here? I an the ONLY black man in the village and can’t be a farm hand”. I asked if he could flip my situation from a negative to positive and flipped my right hand then went to sleep.

At approximately 2.30am, I awoke upon hearing the voice of an African woman, saying “Magnus, become a masseur”. My first thought was I can’t be a masseur, I can’t be touching women, I have just got married! I fell back to sleep hoping God would stop kidding me and come up with something doable, like a bus driver. When I woke it was morning and I was frustrated that God never returned with a serious offer and went to the bathroom.

As I opened the door I saw Cathy who immediately asked what God said. I was certain she would flip so cautiously said “masseur”, and she replied, “Magnus, the first time you touched me, four years ago I felt your incredible touch and thought then you should be a masseur”. I immediately rang my mother to tell her what happened and she bellowed, “Magnus, that was Ena (Ijaw for Great grandmother). It’s time to do your work!”.

I sent texts to some of my friends in London saying that I am now following my family tradition and am becoming a masseur, who wants a freebie as I train? That weekend I massaged a couple of people who both were raving about my healing touch.

The rest is history.

If you are desperate and low, talk to your God and ask them for solutions but more importantly LISTEN and take ACTION!

Expect Miracles and they will happen.

One Massage,
Many Possibilities.

Magnus x